This summer I have found myself to be a little short on cash. My background is Dutch and Italian. I got the Italian bad hair line, but the Dutch pale, milky white skin. I’ve spent so much money on tanning beds because I can’t take the summer heat. I’ve also been spending money on sweet summer treats and air conditioning.
I have finally found a way to cut down the cost of keeping cool!
popsicle molds! I can finally sit out in the sun without getting too hot while having a healthy and affordable snack.
I tried a yummy recipe that I recommend:
Frozen Berries, Honey, Yogurt and Orange Juice.
Usually I feel guilty when I eat two or three popsicles a day but when I can make my own healthy ones I know I’m in taking a good snack!

I recommend picking up some of these! They’d be an affordable and cute idea as snacks for a get together or barbecue!

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