Check out the new contests on Lenzr for a chance to win some great prizes. Lenzr is known for their fun contests because they are challenging and creative! Try it out and have fun with it!

Fireplaces and Furnaces:

The first contest is called Fireplaces and Furnaces. Take pictures in front of your indoor fireplace or furnace of you all warm and cozy. Show Lenzr how you and your family are prepared to keep warm for the winter season. The winner will receive a Sony laptop courtesy of an Ontario furnace installer. The summer season is the best time to get great deals on furnace replacement or installation!

Toronto Tourist Attractions:

Another photo contest on Lenzr is Toronto Tourist Attractions. Take a picture of your favourite part of Toronto! Canada’s largest city has so many neat things, get creative! The winning photo should look like the kind of image you would see in a travel magazine. The winner of this contest will receive an inflatable boat courtesy of a Toronto bed and breakfast. Relax in the heart of the city and let your troubles float away.

Haircuts and Hair Styles:

The next photo contest is all about hair. Snap a picture of your favorite Haircuts and Hairstyles, and send it to Lenzr for a chance to win a professional blow dryer and flat iron. The prize is courtesy of a Yorkville Salon. Your hair has to be the focus of the picture, so show off your big curls or your fancy up-do!

Objects in Motion:

This is the hardest photo contest of them all. To get the winning shot, you will need to be patient and creative. The Objects in Motion photo contest wants participant to submit images of an object (or person or animal) in motion; be sure your photograph illustrates which direction the movement is heading. The winner of this contest will receive a Sony laptop courtesy of an air freight company known for their quality and great service. They are is constantly keeping objects in motion over land, sea and sky.


Be sure to enter your photographs before August 25th. Judges will deliberate and choose the photograph from the top ten. The winner will be announced on September 1st.

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This summer I have found myself to be a little short on cash. My background is Dutch and Italian. I got the Italian bad hair line, but the Dutch pale, milky white skin. I’ve spent so much money on tanning beds because I can’t take the summer heat. I’ve also been spending money on sweet summer treats and air conditioning.
I have finally found a way to cut down the cost of keeping cool!
popsicle molds! I can finally sit out in the sun without getting too hot while having a healthy and affordable snack.
I tried a yummy recipe that I recommend:
Frozen Berries, Honey, Yogurt and Orange Juice.
Usually I feel guilty when I eat two or three popsicles a day but when I can make my own healthy ones I know I’m in taking a good snack!

I recommend picking up some of these! They’d be an affordable and cute idea as snacks for a get together or barbecue!

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Enjoying my gelato a little too much

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Today we went to an Italian buffet called “Frankie’s Tomatttos” you pull up and see a leaning tower of Pisa… so cute! When you go inside it feels just like walking into your grandmother’s kitchen. Different areas to eat in and THE most amazing food I have had in Toronto. I had pizza, meat lasagna, caesar salad, meatballs and of course I had to try Gelato!
As an Italian, I am usually disappointed in Italian food that doesn’t come right from my grandma’s oven but Frankie’s Tomattos was amazing food, if they didn’t make it in front of me I would have swore my grandma was hiding in the kitchen and cooking the food. Whatever your nationality, you’ll be feeling the Italian vibe!
I also noticed they have days that offer deals for kids, and deals for students (if you bring your ID) which would be a great idea for those traveling to the area!
Now we are practicing our dance and what not… A little less relaxing than enjoying some gelato!
Tonight we are seeing Billy Elliot and meeting the cast in Toronto, I have high hopes for it!

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What's taller? Me or the CN Tower?

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My beloved Henry Hippo- the Hippo Bus. Can you believe that floats?!

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